What Are Achievements in Job Applications?

Don't be modest in your job application.
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Modesty has little place in your job application, as employers seek confident applicants who can articulate why they are the best candidate for the position. Each section provides you with an opportunity to showcase your talent and encourage the employer to call you in for an interview. Listing achievements in a job application gives the employer information on your past success. Here's what you should know about using job achievements effectively.


Avoiding Empty Phrases

Although job descriptions commonly contain empty phrases such as "goal-oriented team player," your job application should not. Applications contain an Achievements section to allow you to prove how you match the description by listing your professional successes. Applicants who include terms such as "hard-working" and "people person" should have quantifiable data to back up these claims from either personal or professional experiences.


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If you have little job experience, focus on personal or community achievements to prove your relevance to the job opening.

Listing Job Achievements

Work achievements are helpful to employers because they show how management perceived you in your previous positions. Job achievements include winning employee of the month or being the top sales representative in the region. If you received bonuses for your outstanding work, list the bonus percentage and the dates you received the accolade.


Be specific about why management felt each award was warranted. Include as much measurable data as possible, such as how much you sold or the customer satisfaction rating you earned during a quarter so managers have an idea of the impact of your job achievements on the organization.

Listing Personal Achievements

Personal achievements are a great option for interns and employees new to the job market. Like job achievements, personal achievements should be quantifiable when possible. However, the primary purpose of a personal achievement is to show strength in character. For example, if you completed a CPR course and went on to pursue advanced certification, gaining recognition after receiving praise from your instructor, this shows you are committed to excellence.



Focus on personal achievements that show you are determined, learn quickly and know how to work well in groups. When you start a new job, employers want to know you will require little supervision to accomplish assigned tasks and that you will perform to the best of your ability.

Making Sure Achievements Are Relevant

When possible, your achievements should be relevant to the job at hand. Job applications do not always have the space to list everything you've ever done, but do include room for a few of your best achievements in detail. Read the job description carefully and research the company you are applying to before choosing which of your achievements to include. From your research, you should be able to deduce which achievements present you as the best candidate for the job opening.



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