4 Things to Never Say at Work

What you do at work matters, but what you say at work really matters too. Of course you never want to offend anyone or make anyone feel uncomfortable, those are obvious. But there are some less obvious things that you should remove from your work vocabulary as well. Here are 4 things you should erase from your work dictionary.


1. "No problem."

"No problem" might not sound like a big deal, but the colloquialism of it can come of us as rude. In fact, what it kind of implies is that under different circumstances the task you were asked to do could have been a problem. Avoid this altogether by just saying, "of course," or "you're welcome."


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2. "I'll try."

Don't try, do. And don't say, "I'll try" say "I will." It might not sound like a big difference but it really is.

3. "This sucks." "She's lazy." "I hate it here."

You do not want to be pegged as the person with the bad or immature attitude. Avoid making judgemental statements, there is no way they won't come back to haunt you.



4. "That's not my job."

First of all, that's a rude thing to say. Second of all, you can kind of say the same thing without it being so harsh. Asking what task on your list to prioritize, or telling someone who assigns you something that you need to double check with your manager (assuming they are not your manager) are great ways to let people know that you are busy, and will need to move things around in order to help them with what they asked for help with.



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